Justin Yin

Chief Information Officer

Justin Yin joined Theron Technology in December 2017, in the capacity of the Chief Information Officer, having over 13 years of experience across multiple industry sectors, with deep experience in Telecommunications and high growth software organizations.

Mr. Yin has successfully curated for TTS an agile and highly experienced solutions-oriented development team composed of engineers coming from lineage of prior work experience in international firms; such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Morningstar and Huawei. The team is of high calibar with CMMI5 and ISO 27001 certifications representing best practices in governance and risk management, and is comprised of engineers with an average 6yrs experience; of whom all hold college degrees in their fields with about a third holding Masters and/or Ph.D. degrees in their sector-specific categories.

Mr Yin, with over 13yrs of professional experience, has directed large scale teams in the execution of over 50 projects in over 10 different countries for the world’s ninth-largest information technology company, while in the top 1% of performance; with an estimated 180,000 employees and greater than $78BN in revenue.

Mr Yin graduated from Changsha University of Science & Technology, China with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science & Technology. Mr Yin has previously worked in China, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany and Belgium.