About Us
Theron Technology Solutions (Theron) was established late 2017 with the purpose of re-deploying its founder’s aggregate knowledge and experience; coupled with resources and infrastructure, to drive better outcomes for businesses with technology.
Theron has redeployed the technology delivery model, with its offshore technology development team's turnover less than 3%, in a manner that empowers us to partner to unlock value. The best practices across disciplines have been developed over the past decade with the team in our offices in Changsha, Hunan Province China, and have produced an agile solutions-oriented development team composed of engineers coming from prior work experience in international firms with an average 8.5yrs experience; such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Morningstar etc..
With workforce or supply chain displacement and reduced capacity of in-house workforce an inherent risk caused with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Theron remains well-positioned to best provide both optimization and sustainment in development throughput and innovation.
Theron is designed to help prescribe, build and maintain solutions that will help firms effectively scale.
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